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You can find endless amounts of cheerful articles online about how easy it is to earn money through your writing.

Writing coaches sell courses and books to teach you how to do exactly what is that they are happily doing. But what you don’t often find in most of these…

Strange Weather

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Suddenly Sharknado doesn’t seem so implausible.

It may sound like something out of the end of days from the bible, but animal rain is an actual meteorological event. It’s even described in an article by the Library of Congress.

It happened most recently in Texarkana, Texas when fish were caught…

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Every writer knows you need more than good writing to get people reading your stories. First impressions are everything, and without a good headline and compelling image, your article won’t get very far.

I used to think all I needed to do as a Medium writer was to write. …

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Debbie Wolfe’s body was found at the bottom of a pond near her home on New Year’s Day in 1986. In conflicting reports, divers initially said they located her body inside a barrel. But local officials claim there was no barrel and called her death an accidental drowning.

Debbie was…

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You wouldn’t expect a TV sitcom about the lives of four older women sharing a home to be entertaining to a group of young college girls. But, back in the day, when I was in college and living in the dorms, my roommates and I adored it.

If we’d had…

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Imagine if one of the cast members on a show such as The Bachelorette turned out to be a man previously convicted for the rape of a child. Now imagine, he’s the one the bachelorette chooses in the end.

It would (hopefully) be impossible today, with the extensive backgrounds checks

Have you ever paid attention to Medium’s recommended topics on your homepage? They are a bit off the wall.

Screenshot by author

Here’s what they suggested for me today:

  • Altcoins — I guess this is cryptocurrency. Are they the same as bitcoins? Or dogecoins? Aren’t dogecoins something Elon Musk likes? …

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