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Collagen supplements are having a moment. The great thing about collagen supplements in powder form is that it easily dissolves in liquid, coffee, tea, smoothies, or soups.

Lately, I’ve seen collagen start to show up on menus as an add-in for coffee drinks and smoothies. The reason for the hype? Ingesting collagen is supposed to make your skin glow and your wrinkles disappear.

Let’s take a look at what the research tells us. And if you decide to jump on the collagen trend, how to get started. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is collagen?

It’s a protein found in muscles…

There are places in America where hanging an object from your rearview mirror can be considered an obstruction of your view while driving.

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Daunte Wright’s mother that her son had called to tell her he had been pulled over for an air freshener dangling from his rearview mirror before he was shot and killed in Minnesota last week during a traffic stop.

Wright had tried to leave the scene after police realized he had an outstanding warrant and attempted to arrest him. Officer Kim Porter shot Wright as he made his way to his car. …

In northern Illinois, the sweet smell of spring is decidedly fishy.

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The beautiful Bradford pear tree is in full bloom in northern Illinois. But dear God, what’s that smell?

Spring is a glorious time in Chicagoland. We emerge from the long winter, relieved to be outside in the sunshine again. Spring flowers are in bloom, and so are the flower-blooming trees. One of the most common of these in the Chicago area is the Bradford pear tree, also known as the Callery pear.

I have two of these trees, one in my backyard and one in my front. Most of my neighbors have one or more in their yards. They are…

They are fun to start, but a lot of work to maintain

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You learn early on when you start writing on Medium that if you want to submit your story to a publication, you had better check the last published date. If you don’t, you may find yourself waiting for a response from a publication that hasn’t been active in years.

There are many of these dead publications on Medium. And while their stories still offer value, when you scroll through their contents, you get a feeling of walking through a ghost town. The owner has left the building. Nobody is watching the store. …

Just when you thought you were safe from murder hornets, these flailing, snake-like worms make an appearance

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I love to garden. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but it’s a fun hobby. And one of the first things I learned about it is that you should always be happy when your soil is full of earthworms. However, this advice goes astray if those earthworms happen to be of the jumping variety.

Also known as snake worms, crazy worms, or Alabama jumpers, these worms are not your average earthworm. Of course, they’re just worms, and they won’t sting you like a , but they are just as invasive and threatening to local ecosystems. …

They know who did it, but the motive has remained murky

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Church politics can get a bit intense. This is especially true in small American towns where much of daily life centers around the church. And it appears that church politics were out of control in the tiny town of New Sweden, Maine in the spring of 2003.

On April 27, 2003, parishioner Daniel Bondeson, 53, put about a teaspoon full of arsenic in one of the two coffee urns set out after church services. It was enough to do severe harm. Parishioner Walter Reid Morrill, 78, died from the poisoning, and 15 others were sickened.

A nursing student saved the day

Seven critically ill patients were…

Many wild theories are swirling around the Covid vaccine. Let’s take a look at what’s real and what’s not.

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President Joe Biden has announced that all adults in the U.S. should be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine starting . Some states have already opened eligibility and others plan to next week.

In my home state of Illinois, vaccination appointments will open up Monday, and I plan to be at my computer bright and early that morning hunting down an appointment.

The current problem is getting vaccines to the many Americans that want them. …

Technology savvy kids are helping older residents in the U.S. navigate the often confusing online system for getting a COVID-19 vaccination appointment

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Here in America, to get vaccinated for Covid-19, you must first get an appointment. Each state, each county, and even individual cities may have different online systems where you set up your appointment. The pharmacies all have their own websites too.

The appointments are in great demand and you’ve got to check back over and over again to find an opening. And they haven’t even opened up .

When vaccines first became available, many older adults had trouble deciphering the many online ways to find a vaccine. Often, when they tried calling a number, they were…

A new study suggests Americans gained close to 2 pounds per month in the past year.

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When the world shut down, and we were all forced to stay at home, I vowed to run more. It started off great. Going outside was one of the few things I could do, and running provided the escape I needed from my new reality.

Where I went wrong was all the baking. I needed something to do, and I wanted to cheer my child up, who was now stuck at home doing virtual lessons and missing end-of-year activities. So I baked up a storm. I made sourdough bread from a starter gifted from a neighbor, banana bread, homemade pasta…

I write for Newsbreak, and I rarely read the comments. If you have any experience with Newsbreak yourself, you’ll know why.

I recently wrote what I thought was an about food pantries growing gardens full of produce to help feed extra demands they’ve faced during the pandemic. I thought it was resourceful to have either started gardens or expanded existing ones.

The Newsbreak community does not share my enthusiasm. I broke my rule and read the following comment:

“What about crime? The city is a dump.”

I was lucky. That was merely a mildly negative comment. But it makes me think, what does this person want? Does he want me to write about crime? Does he want nonprofit food pantry volunteers to deputize themselves and hit the streets like Batman?

If you’re interested in writing for these lovelies, here’s my (thanks for the idea Stephen Dalton!)

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