Amy, I am so glad if any of this was helpful to you. I feel your pain about traveling out of the country. We’ve only traveled within the US so far. I am worried, like you, about going places with language barriers. It’s so important to have good communication about your allergy, I’m not sure how people do it when they can’t speak the same language. I know people do it safely, I just don’t have the nerve yet, maybe when my daughter is older and with a lot of research.

If you do decide to travel to the US, I can tell you a lot of our restaurants here are pretty accommodating. Although you have to ask about everything. We were eating breakfast in a diner in Chicago where they fried the bacon in peanut oil! I never would have thought of that.

If you are in the US, is a pretty good resource for food brands and restaurants. They’ve got some good travel information in there too for various US cities.

Good luck with your travel!

Writing my life away. Runner/mama/wife/eternal optimist/coffee enthusiast. Owner of Exploring Wellness (

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