Yes, I’m glad I can skip the stretching before a run as well. As for fact #5, most people begin to notice when their shoes wear down because most people rely on them for motion control, cushioning, or stability. And when that is gone, they begin to feel it and are more prone to injury. I know my shoes start to feel flat when they wear out and I start to get knee pain.

However, there are always outliers and you may be one. Some people swear by barefoot running. They’ve got no cushioning, no motion control, no stability. And they don’t get injured. Maybe you’re one of those people not prone to injuries. Also, your shoes can last longer depending on your weight, gait, stride. But 2,000 miles seems like a lot to me. I think you’re just lucky you can save all that $ on shoes :)

Writing my life away. Runner/mama/wife/eternal optimist/coffee enthusiast. Owner of Exploring Wellness (

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